Operation Snow Day: School's Out, Now What?

The snow is falling and baby, it’s cold outside. Your kids have their jammies on inside out, they’ve put spoons under their pillows and flushed ice cubes down the toilet. They just KNOW that these traditions will surely result in the dream of all school-age kids dreams in winter: a snow day. Sure enough, the phone rings at 5:15am and the recorded message on the other end robotically informs you that school is cancelled for today...and tomorrow.  Our Mama Knows It team has just the right tips and ideas for you to survive this unplanned day off!

Happy Hygge | Tips for Relaxing and Cozy Snow Days

The snowflakes are falling outside your window. There is that familiar hush in the air outside—you can just tell. Here are our top ten tips for turning your winter home into a warm and comfy haven for the kids—and for us mamas—on snow days or any day we just feel we need it. 

Tips for New Moms | Our Favorite Baby Gear

We’ve put together a list of must-have products for new moms that were lifesavers for us. We’re talking about products that have been in the trenches with us and were so crucial to our survival as new parents that we remembered them 20 months to 14 years (!) later.

If only you could buy sleep on Amazon.

The Best Parenting Advice We've Ever Received

It was 2012 and we were having a girls’ weekend at the home of fellow Mama Who Knows It, Ann. Ann’s kids were almost 3 and 1 year’s old at the time, and I didn’t have children of my own yet (although I would by the next year). As we were watching the kids run around and were talking about child rearing in general, Ann’s husband Adam said: “Your life isn’t your own for about 8 to 10 years. It just isn’t.”

Commitments Stressing You Out? | Give Yourself Permission to Say No

I am a self-admitted over scheduler. I find it nearly impossible to say no to someone who asks if I can volunteer for something. I have served as a Daisy Scout troop leader, cookie mom, softball coach, school council member, volunteer school librarian, field trip chaperone, school fair ticket seller, book sale volunteer, class raffle organizer, classroom craft helper, T-ball coach...the list goes on. And like many of us, I assume that I can make the schedule work somehow—I mean, that’s why we have the crock pot, right?

Take Some Time for You | Our Favorite Books for Moms

Call it self-care, me-time, or sanity preservation, there is nothing like a good book to get a mom feeling centered again. Personally, there is something about escaping into the pages of a novel that makes me feel nourished and more like me. Curling up with a good book has the added bonus of our kids witnessing us lost in a story. With that in mind, the mamas who know it have created a list of our favorite books that will help us retreat, escape, and even learn. Happy reading!

Back to Reality | How to Survive Back to School

Seems like yesterday I was singing, “School’s Out for Summer,” while waiting in the drop-off line. It’s like we blink and summer is just memories. All of a sudden we are thinking about school and all we have to do to get ready. Here are some tips to help you prepare, while still getting in the last bits of summer fun!

In Defense of the Pinterest Mom vs. I'm Not Pinterested | PTA Edition

Time. We can’t get it back, and no matter how we spend it there will undoubtedly be those who think we’re doling it out all wrong. One of the strongest opinions on this topic comes from within that special circle of amazing people we like to call moms. Working moms. Stay-at-home moms. Work-from-home moms. All of you. Regardless of the label you wear, moms of all walks of life will invariably encounter the time suck of time sucks: volunteering at school.

Road Trip Prep | 7 Tips for Hitting the Road with Kids

In my family, we love a good road trip. Cross-country trips, day trips, weekend adventures—we love them all. My husband and I were blessed with kids who travel well and have fun in the car. Here are some things that I do in advance of any big trip to make the trips fun for everyone—including Mommy. And with no screens!