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Get Your Cartwheel On | The Next Generation of Couponing

Get Your Cartwheel On | The Next Generation of Couponing

I want to talk about getting your Cartwheel on. And not the cheerleading kind. That ship sailed years ago. I’m talking about saving some scratch. Let’s be real though; not Crazy Coupon Lady scratch. Do you need 45 bottles of mustard on a shelf in your basement? Me either. I’m talking about saving some money and letting it add up.

So, here it goes: a list of my favorite ways to save and have fun while doing it.


I’ll start with Target because—let’s face it—that’s where most of my time and money are spent.

  • Did you know they have a Cartwheel app with extra percentages off particular items, plus mobile coupons? Check back frequently because they change up the savings regularly. Don’t want to sort through ahead of time? Just scan an item using the app in the store and add to your Cartwheel if there’s a relevant discount. Let the cashier scan your custom barcode when you check out and...woolah...savings applied. Pro tip: As soon as you enter the store, jump on Target’s in-store wifi network for the speediest app experience.
  • Double up on coupons with both manufacturer coupons and coupons printed from Target’s coupon website. They will take both for a single item. Double the savings!
  • There’s an extra 5% discount applied with a Target REDcard with every purchase. For the most part, that just covers the tax, but it adds up over time. Just remember to pay that bill!


Wal-Mart has tricks for saving money, too.

  • They price match! Bring in an ad from another store, and the cashier will apply savings to the same item on the spot. I love it for Back to School deals at office stores and Black Friday specials. Crayons for a quarter? Yes, please.
  • Forgot your ad? No worries. Download their app and under Savings Catcher you can scan your Wal-Mart receipt and they will do the price match for you. If they find savings they will send it to you in an e-mail, and you can apply the cash savings to your next purchase. It’s easy because they do all the work!

Grocery Store Rewards Cards

  • We have a Giant Eagle Advantage card (because we’re in Ohio, but grocery chains around the country have similar programs). With purchases at the grocery store you get a certain number of cents off per gallon at your next gas fill up. I like to let the fuelperks add up, take our gas cans, and maximize my savings. Free four-wheeling or boating trips made just a little sweeter!
  • With the Advantage card you can you can register for eAdvantage. This gives you access to a weekly free or .99 cent item offer of the week. Coupons are loaded to your card through the app and exclusive coupons are emailed to you based on previous purchases.
  • Double coupons up to .99 cents. Use these combined with sale items in the circular and get maximum savings!
  • Purchase gift cards here and watch your fuelperks add up! Back to School, Mother’s Day, and Christmas are prime times to buy because the fuelperks are usually 20 cents instead of 10.

Printable Manufacturer Coupons

  • I like to go to to print manufacturer coupons as well as for coupons from organic manufacturers. These two sites have a good variety and are always updated with new coupons.
  • Always Google items you are looking for. I have found printable coupons directly from manufacturers’ websites.
  • The Sunday paper is always a good option for manufacturing coupons, but most local libraries do the cutting for you and they are free to take. Visit your local library today!

Other Apps that Help You Save

There are lots of other apps out there that help you save money and are accessible right from your phone. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Shopkick. Walk into a store, scan items, purchase featured items, and watch your points add up. Redeem points for gift cards for you favorite stores. Sometimes there are bonus walk-ins for certain stores, and you can earn 100 or 150 points. That’s a big deal, and my sister and I make a day of it. Starbucks included, of course. Currently, I have enough points for a $125 gift card. Not sure how I want to spend it quite yet, but it’s going to be good!
  • Ibotta. Purchase featured items, scan receipt and barcodes, and your money gets put into an account and is redeemable for Paypal and gift cards. I’ve taken my family of five to the movies twice for under $15, and that included popcorn, candy to share, and a drink! Also, Ibotta offers bonuses if you redeem a certain number of rebates a month or if you sign up a friend. The savings can really add up.
  • Ebates. This app is easy peasy. Plan on purchasing on for example? Go through this app first and then visit your intended site. Ebates will give you a small percentage for doing so. Then you wait for for your check. When they say, “The check’s in the mail,” they mean it!
  • Groupon. They are always featuring great deals in your area. Scroll through often because they change it up. You could get half off concert tickets, gift card specials (I just bought a $10 Dunkin’ Donut gift card for $5), or paintball discounts. The possibilities are endless!
  • RetailMeNot. Find extra percentages off with online and in-store coupon codes all in one place. So easy to use while you are waiting in line at the checkout. I saved 20% at Bed, Bath & Beyond on something I was going to buy anyway. Doesn’t hurt to check!

So, there you go...lots of fun ways to save! You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year and totally justify every Target trip. And don’t forget to enjoy a free Starbucks drink with your Shopkick points. Go ahead, you deserve it!


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