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Road Trip Prep | 7 Tips for Hitting the Road with Kids

In my family, we love a good road trip. Cross-country trips, day trips, weekend adventures—we love them all. My husband and I were blessed with kids who travel well and have fun in the car. Here are some things that I do in advance of any big trip to make the trips fun for everyone—including Mommy. And with no screens!

Tips for New Moms | Feeding and Soothing Your Stinky Newborn

This is our advice for you, the new mom. The mom who is awake at 3:00 AM with your one-week-old baby after having only slept for 45 minutes in the last 12 hours and you think you’re going crazy. Your nipples hurt, your body is still putting itself back together after giving birth, you can’t believe poop of that color and consistency comes out of a human that small, and that umbilical cord stump is freaking you out. Take what is useful, disregard what is not, and know that you are not alone!